First post

October 21, 2023 (9 months ago)

Hi, I am Rohi. I'll be writing stuff related to my projects and maybe some web recipes too that could be helpful for some people and to those who wonder what I am up to.

I am quite excited for this because this is my first time writing post that isn't game, weeb, or hobby related.

I also read blog posts from other developers' personal site which has also pushed me to write articles, theirs was really helpful. And this will be also helpful to me since I always forget some helpful stuff so why not write it as a blog post instead, right?

Anyways, writing in Astro with content is such a great experience. It's so organized and I am really loving this for writing posts.

I migrated my pesonal website to Nextjs

Thanks! ❤️

Last edited: Jan 28, 2024